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Downloadable activities for kids -Building photo

Build the World’s Tallest Buildings!

Remember the verse from “My Mummy is an Engineer?”

“My Mummy’s job sounds like fun,

Solving problems one by one.

Engineering is working in teams,

Creating real things that once were dreams.”

We’ve created two challenging exercises where you can work in teams to create and build structures and buildings, solving problems together. Put your engineering skills to the test, and see if you can build these two challenges!

Download the challenges below, and don’t forget to tag us on our social media showing us your work.


Check out our video series!

Butterfly Books are on Youtube, where we have created a full series of videos and clips. You can:

  • Meet our team
  • Learn about upcoming books
  • Listen to live readings of our books

Watch our videos below on this page, or click on the cloud and head over to our YouTube.

Read along with our Nurses, Engineers, Soldiers and Plumbers who helped us write our books.

Check them all out, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for all our future updates.

Downloadable activities for kids - Illustrations

Become the Best Illustrator!

Do you love drawing and colouring? So do we! We’ve created a blank illustration so you can show off your creativity and create your own Butterfly Books’ picture.

Illustrators work to create our books, drawing our characters and creating stories. Being creative is super important, and even better, it’s great fun too.

Download our PDF below, get your markers and colouring pencils out and get creative. Don’t forget to engage with us on social media, and show us how great of an illustrator you are!

BUtterfly books mission author visits

Pre-Author Visit Activities

Find out more about our authors and Butterfly Books with these fun activities, which are also great if you are expecting a visit from any of our authors!

  • A website treasure hunt
  • Become an author and illustrator yourself
  • Test out your writing skills
  • Test out your illustrating skills
Just click on the button below to find out more about our activity ideas.

Find out about our football activities

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