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The Butterfly Books team are passionate, committed and experienced. Our team come from a wide range of professional backgrounds. Working together, we use our passion and creativity to bring each Butterfly Book vision to life, and work tirelessly to challenge gender bias in a variety of work places. Read more below about each member of our team, our background and fun facts about each member of our Social Enterprise.

Butterfly books team jason and kerrine
Illustration of Kerrine from the butterfly books team

Kerrine Bryan – Founder and Author

Born in Birmingham, UK, Kerrine is also an award-winning electrical engineer.  She currently lives in New York, USA with her husband, 2 daughters and pet fish.

“I have a passion for inspiring the young, introducing them to the career options available to them and ensuring diversity in all fields of work.” 

Favourite food: Nasi goreng
Favourite colour: Yellow
Favourite place: Anywhere my family are (but preferably anywhere in the sun!)
Hobbies: Dance, Taekwondo and Guitar
Favourite Book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

Jason Bryan – Creative Director and Author

Jason works in finance and is a keen writer.  Also born in Birmingham, he now lives in Surrey, UK.

“Having 2 daughters, I’m concerned that children are not exposed to the range of opportunities available to them early enough in life. I hope that the books will not only educate, but also inspire and entertain.”

Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite place: Wherever my children are happy (and Mexico!)
Hobbies: Gym training and reading
Favourite Book: All Involved By Ryan Gattis
Jason bryan from the butterfly books team
Marissa Peguinho from the butterfly books team

Marissa Peguinho – Illustrator

Based in London, UK, Marissa’s illustrations and artwork can be described as energetic and playful.

“Working on these books makes my soul sing! I learn a lot on every journey with them and the Butterfly Books team are amazing to work with! It’s rewarding to know that my artwork is helping to make a positive  change in society”


Favourite food: A variety , but i enjoy crispy duck pancakes for a treat or lapas in madeira with a sprinkle of lemon

Favourite colour: All colours
Favourite place: Portugal
Hobbies: Dance and country walks
Favourite Book: Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami.

Corey Brotherson – Editor

Corey has been a professional writer and editor since 2001, creating copy and content for websites, publishers, magazines and TV, including Yahoo! ITV and PlayStation. He has also scribed a variety of comic book stories since 2005, and is the co-creator of women focused sci-fi anthology Deadlier Than…, and the critically acclaimed ongoing graphic novel series, Magic of Myths (with artist Sergio Calvet).

He’s also the adapting writer and line-editor for Yomi Ayeni’s award-winning transmedia series Clockwork Watch, and is currently co-writing branching narrative videogame Windrush Tales, with writer and journalist Chella Ramanan.

“Getting to see Kerrine, Jason and Marissa’s talented work come together from conception to finished work is a wonderful and fulfilling experience.”


Favourite food: Saltfish fritters

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite place: Wherever my home, wife and cats are 🙂

Hobbies: Reading, gaming, watching football, watching movies

Favourite Book: Although it’s technically a graphic novel series, Sandman (written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by many different talented artists) influenced my entire perspective on writing.

butterfly books team Corey Brotherson

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