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By making small changes in a generations’ understanding, we can make waves of change in the future.

Discover our mission and how we’re working to change tomorrow.

About Us Butterfly Books
About Us Kerrine Bryan and Jason Bryan

Who We Are

Butterfly Books publish career themed children’s picture books and was founded by brother and sister duo Kerrine Bryan and Jason Bryan.

As a chartered electrical engineer, Kerrine remembers the misconceptions and lack of knowledge about engineering as a profession when she was at school. Kerrine and Jason came together to challenge that lack of knowledge, and the stigma of gender bias in a new and exciting way.

Butterfly Books write and sell books that address gender bias in professions.

What We Do

We work with professionals across a range of industries, then simplify big concepts into short, rhyming and colourful childrens’ books.

As a Social Enterprise, the majority of our profits are then reinvested into our social mission to support our cause and help it grow, allowing us to produce new books to challenge gender bias in all areas of work.

We work to Educate, Inspire and Entertain and we’re working to improve the lives and diversity of generations to come.

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Who We Do It

Butterfly Books have been operating since 2015, and in that time we’ve written multiple books exploring a variety of job roles. Operating from the West Midlands, we’re working to change the next generation.

It’s important that children realise their potential – regardless of what gender they are or what background they come from – and that the opportunity is there for the taking if they apply themselves, work hard and want it enough. The world is their oyster.

We envision through education, inspiration and entertainment, we can change future generations and destroy gender bias in workplaces. No child should ever be told they cannot be what they want to be.

Browse our books below, and read our stories – challenge tomorrow with us.

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