My Mummy is a Footballer

Created with the input of talented people working in women’s football (both on and off the pitch), this book covers the various responsibilities as a mum’s life as a footballer. Told through the eyes of a child we also learn about the history of women’s football. An educational, inspiring and entertaining read joins our series!



“My Mummy is a Footballer” is our newest book, with a release date of March 2021. Telling the story of an inspiring sportswoman, this imaginative tale will educate and entertain your children on the opportunities that exist to seize their dreams and become a renowned footballer. Preorder above today to get your copy.

It’s important that children realise their potential – regardless of what gender they are or what background they come from – and that the opportunity is there for the taking if they apply themselves, work hard and want it enough. The world is their oyster.

We envision through education, inspiration and entertainment, we can change future generations and destroy gender bias in workplaces. No child should ever be told they cannot be what they want to be.

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