Matchy-matchy Engineering Books

Engineering Books for Kids…

Each month we aim to bring you a review of a matchy-matchy set of children’s books and we’re kicking things off with an engineering theme!

We hope you likey-likey!

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My Mummy is an Engineer

Kerrine Bryan and Jason Bryan – Butterfly Books

This month we are going matchy-matchy with our book ‘My Mummy is an Engineer’.

This story is all about a Mummy’s adventure as an engineer, from working with her team in the office to visiting a construction site. It covers various fields of engineering, including electrical, civil and mechanical. Her daughter explores her day, and describes the inspiration her mother provides. 

How Was That Built?

The Stories Behind Awesome Structures

Roma Agrawal (Author), Katie Hickey (Illustrator) – Bloomsbury

This beautifully illustrated children’s book takes you around the world and beyond!

A brilliant book for children who are fascinated with how things work.

With our own team located around the world, Kerrine (who lives in New York) was happy to see Brooklyn Bridge, whilst our London team were pleased to see the Shard. We do wonder if some of our team are from outer space – but not to worry – that was covered too!

A great engineering book for our kids.

An Engineer Like Me

by Dr Shini Somara (Author), Nadja Sarell  (Illustrator) – Hachette (Wren & Rook)

Introducing kids to the creative thinking and problem solving involved in engineering.

The bright and colourful illustrations are eye-catching and kids will be able to relate to the everyday examples provided in the book.

AND – there’s also an opportunity for the kids to try out a bit of engineering for themselves!

We likely-likey, this engineering book for kids!

Rosie Revere Engineer

by Andrea Beaty  (Author), David Roberts (Illustrator) – Abrams

This has long been a Butterfly Books favourite. A fun introduction to engineering and our kids love it.

As you know – we love a rhyming book (and we have experience in the challenges, writing one brings!)

The book covers the excitement and challenges of engineering and teaches a great lesson about perseverance.